July 21, 2010

I have a blog?

What do I plan on doing with this blog?  Well in this section of the site, "blog", I plan on periodically posting stories and videos as well as general thoughts from my trip.  In the "Maps and Stats" section I plan on updating my location and proposed route.  The stats will be the easiest thing to update, and will most likely be the must up to date representation of where I am, for anyone curious about my location and safety.  

I never was much of a journal keeper, although I have tried.  I'm also not one to talk about my "feelings" much, so I really don't know how this thing will turn out.   I just bought a fancy new camera, and built a tripod mount onto my aerobars, so i'll probably be posting a lot of pictures and videos.  Since the trip hasn't started yet, I don't really ahve much to say right now, except that I'm both excited and nervous (go figure) about starting my trip.  The biggest uncertainty is who, if anyone, i'll be spending my time with.  

I can't wait for the first few nights when my legs will feel like rubber and my butt will be black-and-blue.  Until then I'll just be enjoying my last few days in Montreal, and making as much money as I can doing moves.

I promise subsequent blog posts will be far more interesting.